Phirestream User's Guide

The safest way to manage sensitive information in your systems is to apply safeguards before the the sensitive information enters your systems. Phirestream works in front of Apache Kafka to remove, redact, or encrypt sensitive information from your streaming data before it enters the Apache Kafka brokers. Use Phirestream to remove sensitive information from text before it can enter your downstream applications.

Phirestream filters sensitive information from streaming text prior to ingestion to an Apache Kafka cluster. When Phirestream receives text, Phirestream redacts, removes, or encrypts the configured types of sensitive information and then publishes the filtered text to the Apache Kafka brokers. Phirestream implements the Apache Kafka REST interface for seamless integration into your existing architectures.

Phirestream is available on the Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform marketplaces for immediate deployment in your private cloud. A Docker container is also available. For other deployment scenarios please contact us.

Phirestream works with Apache Kafka.

Phirestream is a product of Mountain Fog. Copyright 2021 Mountain Fog, Inc.

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